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Why Choose LED Strip Lights?

The new trend is to have LED Strip lights installed in your home whether that be in your kitchen to provide under-cabinet lighting or in your garden to light up the decking at night, there are many reasons why people are choosing to have them installed rather than just your regular light fittings.

1. Energy Efficient

Strip Lights are a solution to energy-efficient lights as you’ll be saving up to 90% in the long run, helping you protect your bank balance and the planet! With an average lifespan of 40,000 hours, LEDs stomp all over halogen/incandescent with an average lifespan of 1,500 hours. A significant difference!

2. Modern

LED Strip Lights are more modern than you average light fitting and are now the trend, especially when the colour of the light can be altered to output several colours of light. Therefore with the addition of the RGB Remote Control, the colours can produce different cycles by flowing from left to right, from both ends to centre and back again and even now producing effects such as ‘waterfall’ & ‘falling stars’. This type of technology appeals to individuals who enjoy their gadgets and can have fun with lighting inside their home or outside by creating a wonderful display of colours in their garden.

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Outdoor Strip Lights
52311 – Outdoor Strip Lights
4205 - LED Strip Light
4205 – LED Strip Light


















Installing LED Strip Lights

When it comes to installing LED Strip Lights it is very easy to do, self-adhesive tape is applied to the back of the strip and hey presto your LED Strip Light is ready to be installed. Now the next step is choosing where to fit the lighting strip, if you are considering the kitchen, bathroom or outside then you need to use a waterproof Strip which has a minimum of an IP65 rated coating. The LED lights cannot come into contact with moisture, condensation or splashes of water and there is a chance of that occurring from cooking food or using taps which is why the LED Strip Lights are encased inside a silicone gel. Do not worry though, as we at Lighting R Us supply waterproof LED Strip Lights.

Now that you have chosen your room, the adaptability and flexibility of the strip lights give you a choice for setting the mood within the bathroom or adding a touch of colour to outside decking. The addition of RGB remote control gives you the option to select from an array of colour temperatures.

52306 - Strip Lights
52306 – Strip Lights
51918 LED Strip Lights RGB Kit
51918 – LED Strip Lights RGB Kit

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