• All products supplied by lightingrus.co.uk (with the exception of light bulbs) carry a 12-month warranty valid from the date of purchase.
  • Some LED fittings with integrated bulbs and LED bulbs carry a 48-month+ warranty. You can register for these warranties on the manufacturers website. Please note this warranty is for the LED light source itself, the actual fitting only holds a 12-month warranty.
    Dar Lighting Warranty: https://www.darlighting.co.uk/blog/warranty-registration/
    Searchlight Warranty: https://searchlightelectric.com/en-gb/contactus/warranty
  • All LED products by Searchlight, that hold the LED logo, can be registered for a 3-year warranty, within 90 days of installation. Click here to fill out your form.
  • In the event of a fault occurring during the 12-month warranty, the item will be repaired or replaced according to the nature of the fault.
  • The warranty will be void if the item is to be considered to have been fitted or used incorrectly or used for a purpose it is not intended for.