Transform Any Ordinary Kitchen Into The Truly Spectacular

Transform Any Kitchen Into The Spectacular

Here at Lighting R Us we would be right in saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home. We carry out many daily tasks such as washing, cooking and ironing. Either way, you will need good kitchen lighting and lots of it. We’re not quite talking the scale of Blackpool Illuminations, but enough so you can see what you’re chopping when preparing food.

One ceiling light won’t make the cut for kitchen lighting. This is because there will not be enough light to brighten up every workspace that is involved in the kitchen. At Lighting R Us we offer a huge variety of LED kitchen lights such as spotlights, ceiling lights, pendants, flush fittings, recessed lighting, under cabinet lighting and much more. Both practical and stylish, our kitchen lighting solutions will bring a decorative touch to any kitchen. We have a diverse range of both contemporary and traditional lights for all types.

The Power of the Pendant

For breakfast bars or kitchen islands, opt for modern yet striking pendants. They offer a decorative touch, whilst giving you a well-lit area. Don’t worry as we have selected a few of our favourites, for you to gather inspiration.

The new favourite at Lighting R Us is a light fitting that offers a decorative touch is the Zuka Pendant, this 3-light bar pendant features three textured glass shades, complete with polished chrome detailing, which is perfect for dining tables and kitchen islands.

If you’re looking for that striking pendant, then we have the one for you. The Seta 6-light cluster pendant features droplet-style ribbed smoked glass shades with a polished chrome ceiling cup. Ideal for making an elegant statement piece.

SET6410 6 Light Cluster Pendant
Seta 6 Light Cluster Pendant
ZUK0308 3 Light Pendant
Zuka 3 Light Pendant






Funky LED Lighting

For open-plan kitchen spaces or high ceilings, try one of our statement LED Pendants to add a touch of flare to the room. The first statement piece is a sculptural form comprising of a single flowing band of LEDs, it adds a sense of lightness and movement to a room whether switched on or off. Illuminated, it creates crisp even lighting using highly efficient LEDs.

Alonsa Roomset
Alonsa LED Pendant
MUNI-CO LED Sphere Pendant
MUNI-CO LED Sphere Pendant













Lighting R Us all-time favourite is the Muni-Co LED Pendant, that features a polished copper finish and a mix of clear and copper plated balls, that hang at various heights from the two crossing horizontal hoops providing that Funky look.

Whether you’re looking for some industrial lighting with a modern combination or something classic; the brands we stock, such as Dar Lighting and Searchlight, have the perfect kitchen lighting solutions for you.

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