Traditional Lighting Ideas

Traditional Lighting Ideas

Traditional Lighting adds character and class to any home, giving it an old-school warm and homely feel to it. Traditional does not always mean outdated. Many of our vintage fittings are now compatible with LED technology. This will bring you long-lasting lights as well as long-lasting style.

How to Choose Traditional Lighting

Choosing the type of lighting for your home can be quite hard, however if you have traditional d├ęcor then this would be best paired with traditional lighting. With classic chandeliers and antique brass ceiling and wall lights there is a huge selection choose from. We have created a list of traditional table lamps, chandeliers and floor lamps for you to browse through.

Traditional Table Lamps

With elegant silk lampshades and decorative detailed finishes, traditional table lamps are the perfect addition to any room within your home. Traditional table lamps set the mood within a room by creating a relaxed ambience. If you are in need of inspiration for traditional table lamps, then we have listed a few ideas below for you.

Traditional Chandeliers

Make a statement in your dining room or hallway with a traditional chandelier fitting, by hanging the fixture just above the dining table or suspended from the hallway ceiling this is bound to draw the eye of any guest who enters your home. With hundreds of designs to choose from we have listed our best sellers of traditional chandeliers below.

Traditional Floor Lamps

Now if you have the space for a traditional floor lamp, then we would definitely recommend acquiring one, as the fitting is a lovely addition to a living room by creating a relaxed ambience that can be used for reading. Take a look below at our recommended best sellers.  


Checkout our Traditional lighting Pinterest board for further inspiration, by clicking here.

In Summary

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