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Stunning Chandeliers Under £150

Stunning Chandeliers Under £150

We know chandeliers can be more on the expensive side, nevertheless, we have created a list of stunning chandeliers from traditional to modern styles with a price range coming under £150, we know this is amazing. Now keep scrolling to find the perfect chandelier for your home.

Chandelier Themes

You will have to choose from traditional, modern, and industrial themes. There is a lot to choose from when it comes to selecting a chandelier. Luckily, we have split the styles up and provided examples for each theme. If you already have an interior style chosen for your home then great you can select a suitable chandelier for your home straight away, if not do not worry, it will just take a bit longer as you need to decide on the theme you would prefer.  

Traditional Chandelier Styles

By far the most popular style chosen when it comes to chandeliers. With a variety of different sizes ranging from 3-8 arms even 12 these light fittings take centre stage within a room. Whether your interior is modern or old a traditional chandelier will blend in with any design and also create a statement within the room.

Modern Chandelier Styles

For a more attractive appeal, you need to use a modern chandelier in the right proportion with the surroundings. For instance, a large modern chandelier appears great when used in spaces with tall ceilings to create a wonderful feature within a home.

Industrial Chandelier Styles

The materials used for an industrial chandelier such as silver, bronze, nickel and so on provide an authentic look. This has become a popular choice, as they create a subtle glamour and don’t overwhelm the features around it.

Where to use Chandeliers

Chandeliers can be used anywhere including dining room, bedroom, living room or even the hallway. You can also use them to illuminate your outdoor space depending on the IP Rating of the chandelier. An important aspect to consider when choosing the location of where your chandelier will be installed is that the surrounding areas are not overwhelming as it will take the attention away from the stunning light fixture.


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In Summary

We hope this blog has provided you with inspiration to choose a chandelier fitting for your home. If this has been helpful for you, please tag photos of your chandeliers and tag us on Instagram @lightingrus_