Light Bulbs

At Lighting R Us, we have an extensive variety of lights on our website and in our showroom. What all these lights have in common though, is that they need a bulb or few! View our vast range of light bulbs, so you bring your ceiling pendants, wall lights, and more to life. As we are lighting specialists, we have bulbs available to suit all.

Choose from LED bulbs, energy-saving bulbs halogen bulbs, vintage bulbs, and decorative bulbs. Not to mention, all of our LED bulbs hold a 1 year warranty. Take your pick today with our high-quality bulbs, from leading lighting brands, at great prices.

  • Bell 4w LED 284mm Opal Strip Lamp S15 Warm White

    0 out of 5

    SKU: 05157 |

    £19.88 £12.50
  • Bell 2.5w LED 221mm Opal Strip Lamp S15 Warm White

    0 out of 5

    SKU: 05156 |

    £18.55 £11.68
  • Saxby 67598 Seina IP44 Warm White Replacement Module

    0 out of 5

    Warm white module accessory to replace the cool white version that is standard with the Seina range. Simple to replace

    £16.20 £12.96
  • Firstlight 5783 Smart LED Remote Control

    0 out of 5

    Remote Control for Operating Smart LED Lamp.

    16 preset single colour keys, full light (high-bright) or dimmed
    (low-bright), power on/off, automatic preference mode memory
    (remembers the previous setting before being switched off).
    Four preset colour changing modes: 1. Flash, colour change
    every 1 second, 2. Strobe, colour change every 5 seconds,
    3. Fade, quick colour change 16 colours, 4. Smooth, slow colour
    change 16 colours.

    £22.80 £18.24