Easy Fit Lights – Non Electric Ceiling Lights

Are looking to update your lighting decor, but you find that hiring an electrician is too much hassle? Then easy fit lights are for you. Otherwise described as non electric lights, the easy-fit is essentially a lamp shade. With no electrician required, they simply fit on to your existing ceiling lamp holders. There simply is not a more cost effective and faster way of improving your lighting layout, than to fit a stylish non electric ceiling light.

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Our range of easy fits come in every style to suit. So, transform your home with our traditional easy fits and modern non electric ceiling lights. Choose from our acrylic crystal easy fit lights, as well as tiffany ceiling lights. Whether you are looking for an easy-fit light for your bedroom and kitchen or non electric light for your living room and dining room, we at Lighting R Us bring you the very best. Particularly from our favourite lighting brands such as Dar, Pacific Lifestyle, Endon and many more.

If you like the look of our easy fit lights, but have no ceiling lamp holder to fit it too, do not worry! We have many suspension kits to transform your favourite shade into an electrical fitting. Coming in many finishes, there is one to suit every style of easy fit lights.

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    där TIM6503 Timon Easy Fit Pendant Pink With Copper Lining

    £42.00 £33.60
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    där TIM6523 Timon Easy Fit Blue & Copper

    £42.00 £31.50
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    där JAK6564 Jakku Easy Fit Rose Gold

    £79.20 £59.40
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    där BIS6523 Bistro Easy Fit Navy Glitter

    £36.00 £27.00
  • Pacific Lifestyle 33-052-CO Copper Wire Retro Easy Fit Pendant

  • Sale!

    Endon NE-BOSTON-CO Boston Non Electric Copper Pendant with Acrylic Beads

    £66.00 £52.80
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    Endon 61328 Dench Non Electric Matte Copper Pendant

    £60.00 £48.00
  • Sale!

    Endon 60186 Ruskin Copper Non Electric Pendant with Cut Out Detail

    £58.80 £47.04
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    där ZEP6564 Zephyr Non Elec Copper

    £40.20 £30.15
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    där OSA6564 Osaka Non Elec Pendant Antique Copper

    £96.00 £72.00
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    där NEE6564 Needle Non Elec Copper

    £76.20 £57.15