Lighting up your study or home office takes a lot more thought than you’d initially think. Good, sufficient study and office lighting is vital to ensuring your health and safety in the working environment. Adequate artificial light is required to decrease the risk of glare and eyestrain when staring at computer screens as well as reading and writing. With our quality range of office lighting, your eyes will be at ease so you can keep working hard.

No matter how big or small your office and study space is, the light in the area needs to be evenly distributed. With our functional and stylish range of office lighting you will find the ideal study lighting at Lighting R Us. We have many cost-effective LED office lighting solutions that will give you sufficient and longer lasting light. As well as this we have many industrial style ceiling lights, perfect for providing even light to large office spaces. Likewise, track lighting is perfect for distributing light evenly, in both small and large offices. This is because track lighting has adjustable and tilting spotlights, allowing you to control the circulation of light. On the other hand, LED recessed downlights and spotlights provide a stylish yet practical way of discreetly lighting up your workspace.