PIR lights are outdoor security lights with a Passive Infrared Sensor. These motion-activated lights are essential for keeping your home safe and secure from would-be intruders. As soon as movement is detected these lights come on hence why they are named PIR lights, typically you would put them outside your house to monitor your front door, garage and back garden. These are an essential fitting you will probably need for the exterior of your home.

Your home is a place where you come to escape everyday life and where you feel the safest out of anywhere in the world. You need to keep that feel of safeness consistent and at Lighting R Us, we stock many outdoor PIR lights that will have your mind at ease.

Our outdoor sensor lights vary from contemporary to modern design, these styles tend to be lantern lights which consist of large glass panes to display a decorative lamp they create a stunning feature, or outdoor up & down sensor wall lights have become a popular choice for outdoor PIR lights.