LED Floodlights are definitely our favourite when it comes to outdoor lighting. They are perhaps the most essential fitting of lights you will need throughout your exterior. Not to mention, each of our floodlights features fully integrated LEDs. Making our floodlights more reliable, durable as well as convenient. Also, you can still achieve an insane level of brightness with our LED floodlights.

But better yet, we offer LED floodlights with a PIR motion sensor. Allowing you to have that extra sense of control and reliability with your fitting. It’s also worth noting that those that are not already fitted with a PIR motion detection sensor, can still be used with one by simply installing a separate PIR sensor switch. Our friendly team of electrical experts are on hand if you need any assistance. Floodlights are now extremely popular in a more domestic manner, for sending away intruders. They are extremely bright, meaning you can see everything you need to. At Lighting R Us, we stock many security lights that will have your mind at ease.