Lamp shades are truly the best way to control your lighting however you want it. You can create any mood or atmosphere to suit as well as controlling the flow of light too. Additionally, you can regulate the warmth of the light and which areas you want to highlight most. More impressively with shades, you can incorporate your own personality and sense of style into your home. This is because there’s such a wide variety of lamp shades – from modern, traditional, and quirky.

The great thing about shades is that you don’t have to fork out money on a stylish and decorative light. This is because our shades suit all budget types. Hang a simple bulb as a ceiling light and browse through our range to find a design that catches your eye. With a grand array of colours, such as hot pinks, fiery oranges, tropical blues and glorious golds; we guarantee you’ll find lamp shades to suit you, here at Lighting R Us.