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Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Garden This Summer

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Why You Need Outdoor Lighting

An outdoor living space without proper lighting can really suffer and the entire space will not display its full potential. Outdoor wall lights will illuminate walls or walkways, spike lights will light up flower or plant displays. This is why it is vital to have outdoor lighting, especially in the summer months as you entertain your guests throughout the long summer evening.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

There are various types of outdoor lighting such as outdoor wall lights, spike lights, post lights and even outdoor lights with PIR sensors. Whatever lighting you require for your outdoor space, I can guarantee you will find it here at Lighting R Us.

Let’s get into more detail about the different types of outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Wall Lights

These types of lighting can be used to illuminate walls or even walkways, however, the most popular choice is to use outdoor wall lights for a patio or porch they can help provide a beautiful view from the front of your home. Better yet if you have a garage or even a summer house adding outdoor wall lights on either side of the doors will create a magnificent look.

71184_1 Outdoor Wall Light
Endon Outdoor Wall Light – 71184

Bollard Lights & Post Lights

YG-3502 Post Light
Endon Post Light – YG-3502

These are the perfect addition to any large outdoor space. For example, they can used in the front yard alongside the home and in the back yard. These outdoors lights are considered to represent a streetlight as they were mainly used in lighting areas outside on the streets.

Ground Lighting

Light up a pathway or even a driveway at night, ground lighting provides a modern style of outdoor lighting to any exterior space. With the addition of these lights your home will glow during the summer evenings with the essence of light illuminating your outdoor space.  

0763 Ground Lighting
Searchlight Ground Lighting – 0763

Outdoor Pendants & Hanging Lanterns

Now if you have an outdoor building such as a summer house or even a large patio/porch on your home. Hanging pendant lighting above the entrance of these buildings creates a unique look and takes centre stage during the day and night. With the warm glow of light, the exterior will become the focal point of the home.

YG-865-SS Outdoor Pendant Light
Endon Outdoor Pendant Light – YG-865-SS


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In Summary

We hope this blog has inspired you with several ideas for outdoor lighting in your garden this summer. If this has been helpful for you please tag photos of your garden lighting and tag us on Instagram @lightingrus_