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Modern Garden Lighting

Spring has officially sprung. It’s the time of year that people start to chill out in the garden, have BBQ’s and sit out all night in the warm evening. Does this sound like you? It’s living the dream. We like to sit out all night with a glass of wine and talk the night away, have a laugh with friends and have fun. This is the definition of a great night.

Have fun with friends in the garden

Make it shine with us!

With that in mind, you need the perfect way to see once the night whiles away and darkness starts to fall upon you. No doubt, you’ll also want some comfortable furniture to sit on too. We’ve got all that and parasols. We can supply you with all the furnishings and comforts for a lovely garden evening or party with pals.

Who wouldn’t want that? We know that if you purchase your garden lights and furniture from us that you and your friends will be pleased.

With lights that look traditional and industrial, to sleek and modern to put on the side of your house you’ll be sure to impress. We have outdoor and garden lighting from big brands such as Dar, Astro, Searchlight, Saxby and Firstlight.

We have wall lights to adorn the side of your house and light up the area and bollard lights that can be placed around, along paths, borders, and steps, wherever you want them.

Get Industrial outdoors

The Astro Coach 100 looks great on any wall outside

We have some beautiful old-fashioned industrial style lights for your walls, such as the Astro Coach lights which have a candle bulb inside and breathe a bit of elegance in to your garden. They wouldn’t look out of place in Oliver Twist. Please, sir can we have some more? Have as many as you like. They’re chic and in style and would look amazing on the side of any house, modern or old.

There is also the Dar lantern light and Firstlight Austin wall lights which have a similar era quality about them. 1900s industrial is in, so jump on the steam train and let the steam punk in you out. You’re bound to impress your friends. Searchlight also do some beautiful turn of the century style outdoor lamps such as the Bel Aire post lamp and Alex post lamp.

We also have modern lights such as the Astro Dunbar in a variety of colours and sizes.

 Modern looking bollards such as the Astro Napier can be put anywhere and spike spots, just push the spike in to the ground and that’s all that’s required.

Sit and relax

You can also find some beautiful Pacific Lifestyle furniture sets from 3-8 pieces, with chairs, sofas and tables that wouldn’t look out of place outside an expensive bar or restaurant. Modern, beautiful rattan with comfy cushion seating that can be left out at all times of year and still look great. Love them and your friends will too. You can even buy a huge day bed for outside, so you can sleep outside in spring and summer during day and night if you wish.

Pacific Lifestyle furniture is beautiful and comfortable

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