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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Lewis Lighting

As we all know, January is a month of new beginnings, with our new year’s resolutions. Maybe you want to start going to the gym? Or maybe you want to take up that hobby you’ve always dreamed of doing? Or maybe, you just want an excuse to redecorate? Well with our new lighting supplier, at Lighting R Us, we can help you do just that.

Lewis Lighting has an electric range of lighting designs to breathe life into almost any interior and bring a little touch of magic to the individual décor of a room. Their inspired collection is born from the findings of a journey into the world of the luminaire.

Now, let’s talk about our favourites, the Lamer Pendant which encourages 360-degree distribution of light, dancing from the inner crystal droplets and through its outer glass to fill the living space with a warm glow. It presents a harmonious coupling of elegance and contemporary design, working effortlessly with gorgeous effect.

> View the Lamer Range Here

A traditional statement piece that is outstanding is the Venice. It is a design that says a great deal about the likes and tastes of its owners, displaying a bold sense of refined character and setting the scene with a beautiful display of light.

> View the Venice Range Here

If you are looking for a captivating design then the Plare fititng is for you, in black that combines symmetry, lines and angles with stunning effect – creativity and light working in perfect harmony. Designer light patterns from Plare will draw comment, provoke and inspire.

> View the Lamer Plare Here

To see the wonderful collection of lights produced by Lewis Lighting click here and I guarntee you’ll find something magificiant to illumaite any room within your home.

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