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Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Kitchen island lights are one of the best lighting fixtures you can use in a kitchen. They also look fantastic if you have a large kitchen island or bar area. Island lighting creates a statement piece and provides additional brightness to your space. Take a look at a complete list of inspiring kitchen island lighting ideas below.

How to Choose Kitchen Island Lighting

You have a lot of options when it comes to kitchen island lighting fixtures. Whether you are looking for pendants, cluster pendants or bar pendant ceiling lights there are tons of options. We give you some helpful tips below for choosing the best kitchen island light for your home.

Pendant Lights

Depending on the size of your kitchen island or bar, you can choose to have 2 large pendants positioned equally over the island creating a dramatic effect or you can opt for 3 smaller pendants and position them equally as well. These 2 options are a very popular choice when it comes to choosing kitchen island lighting.

Cluster Pendants Lights

Now if you don’t have a large kitchen island or simply want to have a nice feature over your dining table then cluster pendant lights are a perfect choice. The cluster of lights can hang above your table about 28-32 inches or slightly higher or lower depending on the ceiling height.

Bar Pendant Lights

If your space appears to be in rectangular designs, you might consider a bar pendant light, this choice is a combination that features 3 or 4 lights in one fixture that provides sufficient brightness and a statement piece to the room.


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In Summary

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