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Inspirational Vintage Bathroom Lights

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How to Choose Vintage Bathroom Lights

We put some tips below that will help you choose the vintage lighting for your bathroom. There are many colours, themes and prices additional tips and design inspirations to find the perfect fixture for your home.

Number of Vintage Bathroom Lights

There are several lighting fixtures to choose from when it comes to vintage bathroom lights, such as bathroom wall lights either side or above a mirror, finally a bathroom is not complete unless there is a matching main light such as a pendant or flush fitting that takes full display within the centre of the room.

Vintage Bathroom Wall Lights

For a vintage bathroom, choosing to put lights directly over or beside your mirror is a must, it is the perfect way to add additional lighting into your bathroom. You can still use centre lighting as well. We recommend both to get the full effect of a well-lit bathroom.

Vintage Bathroom Lighting Colours

The most popular vintage colours feature pewter, antique brass, gold, brushed nickel, rustic, silver, grey, copper, black and charcoal.

Black Vintage Bathroom Lights

You will find that a lot of vintage lighting fixtures are black, charcoal, and dark grey. There are cage style lights, black shade wall lights, and glass bulb vintage light fixtures. In addition, lantern themes and mason jars can be very popular in a vintage bathroom.

Pewter Vintage Bathroom Lights

If you are looking for silver or grey colours, then pewter is the way to go. You will find 2-light, 3-light, bathroom wall lights, and more. These are perfect for a vintage styled bathroom.

Antique Brass Vintage Bathroom Lights

Another popular choice for vintage styled bathrooms is antique brass, this rustic look goes well against white and black tiles to create a stunning look.


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In Summary

You don’t have to struggle to find vintage lighting fixtures for your bathroom. Bathroom lighting can be difficult to choose from because there are so many options and styles to choose from. Hopefully, with the products and design inspiration above, you will be able to choose from one of the vintage lighting ideas for your bathroom.

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