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Inspirational Ideas For Your Living Room Lighting

How to Choose Living Room Lighting

The living room is probably the most important room in the house. Therefore, it is important that you get the lighting correct. Depending on the style of lighting you go for whether it be traditional or modern, lighting is essential in the living room. We have provided some tips and ideas below when it comes to choosing the perfect set of lighting for your living room.

First lets start with the style of lighting you want, this may seem a lot at first by making such a big decision however, if you already decided on the style of the room then that’s a start, if not you can base the style of the room around the lights you are about to choose. Now, if you have already chosen your interior style for the living room then you can skip ahead to find the different styles of lighting we recommend for specific designs.

Here at Lighting R Us we suggest you start by choosing your ceiling light first as most ranges will have other light fixtures such as wall lights and table lamps based around the ceiling light. So really once you have chosen your ceiling light you are good to go as the rest of the fittings will follow. Carry on reading for ranges we recommend for specific styles.

Contemporary Living Room Lighting

If you are all about the here and now then contemporary design is the perfect style of lighting for your living room. We have unlimited amount of designs for contemporary style from glass table lamps to stunning features lights, to find the light of your dream click here to view our contemporary range.

Contemporary Ceiling Lights

Contemporary Wall Lights

Contemporary Table Lamps

Industrial / Rustic Living Room Lighting

Industrial lighting is a quirky way of incorporating a sense of vintage and retro decor into your living room. From exposed bulbs with caged fittings to solid dome ceiling lights that create an authentic style then take a look at our industrial range by clicking here, we guarantee you will find the perfect lighting for your living room.

Industrial Ceiling Lights

Industrial Wall Lights

  • Industville Brooklyn Wire Cage Wall Light - 6 Inch - Pewter - Cone - Pewter Holder

    Industville BR-WCWL6-P-CN-PH Wire Cage Wall Light


Industrial Table Lamps

  • Lewis Lighting HOV1128

    Lewis HOV1128 Hover Table Lamps


Traditional Living Room Lighting

Traditional lighting adds character and class to any living room, giving it an old-school warm and homely feel to it. The perfect design for your traditional living room includes a classic chandelier and antique brass wall lights click here to view our range.

Traditional Ceiling Lights

Traditional Wall Lights

Traditional Table Lamps

Lighting R Us Pinterest Board

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In Summary

We hope this blog post has helped you find a style of lighting that will fit perfectly within the interior of your home. Leave a comment with the style of lighting you living room consists of.

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