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Illuminate Your Outdoor Space With These Garden Lights For Inspiration

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Are you in dire need of inspiration for your garden? Well, you are in the right place, we have listed each type of garden light there is, so that you have a variety of lights to choose from whether that be spike lights, bollard lights or the classic outdoor wall lights we have them all.

So sit back and scroll through our article, we guarantee it will inspire you to illumanite your garden with our decorative range of fittings.

Outdoor Bulkhead Wall Light
Outdoor Pendant Ceiling Light

Hanging Garden Lights

Installing a pendant ceiling light in the garden is the new fashion, whether it be illuminating your porch or acting as a feature light for your outdoor plan. Hanging garden lights will definitely add a touch of class to any outdoor space.

Coach Outdoor Pendant Light
  • Astro 1096004 Montparnasse Pendant Polished Nickel

    Astro 1096004 Montparnasse Polished Nickel Outdoor Pendant

  • Astro 1095010 Homefield Pendant 240 Textured Black

    Astro 1095010 Homefield 240 Textured Black Outdoor Pendant


Garden Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lights are becoming a necessity when it comes to lighting up our gardens. Enjoy them while you dine al fresco, having a cosy evening or fancy a bit of hot tub fun. The outdoor wall lights also add extra security as well as being an easy and simple way of making your garden safer, when you have guests coming to and from your house when the nights draw in.

Outdoor Wall Light
  • Astro 1376001 Thurso Round Natural Brass

    Astro 1376001 Thurso Round Brass Outdoor Wall Light


Bollard Lights

Our range of post lights and bollard lights at Lighting R Us is beaming with variety. We have all sorts of shape, sizes and finishes in both traditional and contemporary designs that can do so much to adjust the style of your outdoor space. Use bollards and posts to structure your driveways, mark out pathways or place on your walls for decorative purposes!

Bollard Lights
  • Astro 1131006 Soprano Bollard Textured Black

    Astro 1131006 Soprano Bollard Textured Black

  • Searchlight 1556-450 Satin Silver IP44 Outdoor Bollard Light with Polycarbonate Diffuser

    Searchlight 1556-450 Satin Silver IP44 Outdoor Bollard Light with Polycarbonate Diffuser


Spike Lights

Spike/stake lights are the go-to option when it comes to versatile lighting. They can be temporary or permanent as all you need to do is push them into your garden and you’re good to go. The majority of spike lights come with a pivoting head, which allows you to create the lighting design that you desire. They are a perfect option for garden parties and barbeques as you can highlight whatever features you like to show off in your garden.

Spike Light

LED Outdoor Lights

An even better option for your outdoor space is to purchase LED garden lights. The technology of LEDs has many benefits such as, you’ll be saving up to 90% in the long run, helping you protect your bank balance and the planet! Never mind having a modern, sleek appearance for your outdoor space.

Outdoor LED Wall Light

Outdoor LED Wall Lights

  • 5111BK Searchlight LED OUTDOOR 2 Light WALL BRACKET

    Searchlight 5111BK LED Black Outdoor Wall Light


Outdoor LED Bollard Lights

In Summary

We hope that this article has inspired you with ideas for your garden lights.

Why not leave a comment telling us what part of the article inspired you the most.

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