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Hallway Lighting Ideas

Why You Need Hallway Lighting

Addling light fixtures to a hallway or to an entrance hall of a house is a must. Illuminating this space will quickly transform the room and provide a face lift to your home interior.

How to Choose Hallway Lighting

You have a lot of options when it comes to hallway lighting fixtures. Whether you are looking for chandeliers, pendant ceiling lights, lanterns or recessed lights, there are thousands of options. So, we decided to help you out a little bit by listing tips below for choosing the best lights for your hallway.

Cascading Pendant Hanging Over a Staircase

Depending on if you have a large hallway or staircase, you can hang a cascading light over a staircase, this creates stunning feature to any hallway as the light will take centre stage in the entrance of your home. This style has become a very popular trend within hallway lighting and is a must if you have a larger hallway.  


Following on from the cascading pendant, another popular trend but more on the traditional side is to situate a chandelier above the staircase or even have 2 small matching chandeliers at either end to create a beautiful, well-lit hallway.


Another trend to consider is lantern lights, the two most popular options are open caged or plain black with glass. Both styles resemble a mixture between modern and traditional as the lamps used in the fixtures appear to look like candles that would have been used in lanterns before electricity was invented producing a traditional style, on the other hand the simple open glass fittings add a modern look. This shows how versatile lantern lights are, meaning they can be used in any home no matter what décor is used.

Semi-Flush Ceiling Lights

If you have small ceilings and your hallway can not accommodate large light fixtures, then semi-flush ceiling lights are always an option to consider. They are practical yet functional and come in a variety of colours and styles, that you are bound to find a light to suit your taste.

Recessed lights

Now if you are not a fan of large feature lights and prefer to be more subtle or you simply, do not have the space to house such lights, then recessed lights are perfect for you. The reason for this is they illuminate rooms better than the large decorative pendants, especially when aligned in the centre, down a long narrow hallway.


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In Summary

You will not regret choosing a light for your hallway, we hope this blog has inspired you with several ideas with all the designs, styles and colours you are bound to find a light fixture that suits your home.