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Farmhouse Hallway Lighting Inspiration Ideas

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Why You Need Farmhouse Lighting in Your Hallway Entryway

Farmhouse lighting is a requirement for your entryway, as it adds energy into a seemingly neglected space. Once fittings such as farmhouse chandeliers, wall lights or even floor lamps are added to a hallway it transforms the room.

Choosing Farmhouse Hallway Lighting

When choosing farmhouse hallway lighting, consider the aesthetics. Faux finished like wood stone or iron can be a starting point for farmhouse lighting. Now if you are looking to illuminate your space especially the hallway, you can choose between chandeliers, wall lights, flush mounts even floor lamps if you have a grande entrance.

Farmhouse Chandeliers

Lighting a grande entryway can be made easy by choosing a farmhouse chandelier. The chandelier becomes the focus of the hallway. Materials such as copper, bronze, gold and other natural materials are a traditional style for farmhouse chandeliers. Look below to see our farmhouse chandeliers.

Farmhouse Wall Lights

Narrow hallways can be a very hard to light however, with the help of farmhouse wall lights this can be achieved. Farmhouse wall lights have a particular style as traditional farmhouse wall lights used candles to illuminate the space. Therefore, when choosing wall lights look for features that resemble candle-like style.

Farmhouse Flush Mount Lights

If you have low ceilings, then farmhouse flush mount lights are the best choice for you. They can add ambience to the hallway making the entryway very welcoming. With a variety of styles and design, it won’t be hard to find the perfect farmhouse hallway light for you.  

Farmhouse Floor Lamps

These are a versatile fitting as then can be placed anywhere in your home especially in the hallway. Now if you are trying to achieve a stylish hallway lighting farmhouse entryway you need to add a farmhouse floor lamp to your hallway.

Take a look at our popular farmhouse floor lamps:


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In Summary

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