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Explore The Different Styles of Flush Ceiling Lights

Want to explore the world of flush ceiling lights? Well, you are in the right place, we have listed the different styles of flush ceiling lights to provide you with some inspiration when it comes to choosing the correct flush fitting for your room.

So take a look through our blog, write down your favourites pieces and use these light fittings to decorate your home and don’t forget to take a picture! Tag us on our social media accounts or send your pictures into us at [email protected]

Flush Bathroom Ceiling Lights

Flush ceiling lights are the practical option for low ceilings as they don’t necessarily hang, especially in bathrooms. This is because flushes are fixed to the ceiling, as well as holding the ability to sometimes be wall mounted.

Whether it be simple or extravagant, flush ceiling lights are the go to when it comes to bathroom lighting, as flush ceiling lights can produce the same amount of light but at half the price a large decorative pendant ceiling light would cost.

We have listed a few flush ceiling lights shown below. If you want to view all our bathroom flush fittings click here.

Versa 3 Light Flush

Flush Kitchen Ceiling Lights

Is your kitchen ceiling low? If so, then flushes are the perfect fittings for you. You may be thinking to yourself flushes are simple and don’t provide the wow factor. Well don’t jump to conclusions as we stock decorative, industrial, traditional and many more flush styles that will add vibrant features to your kitchen.

We have provided a few examples below. View all our flush ceiling lights suitable for a kitchen by clicking here.


Copper Flush and Pewter Holder Industville

Flush Crystal Ceiling Lights

Do you want to impress your guests with fabulous light fittings, then crystal is the way to go. By adding a bit of sparkle to your interior, flush ceiling lights will glisten with crystal effects by bouncing light off your ceiling and the remainder of the room.

Crystal flush fittings allow you to create a feature in any room, this is a major benefit for all individuals that are not blessed with high ceilings. Order your crystal flush today by clicking here.

60103 Endon Crystal Flush Light
  • Lewis Lighting CRY1081

    Lewis CRY1081 Crystal Semi Flush Ceiling Light


Semi Flush Ceiling Lights

Semi-flush ceiling lights really give you the best of both worlds, as they have a slight vertical drop from the flush fitting itself. Therefore if you have low ceilings but still want to provide the effect of a feature light without the length of a pendant fitting then semi-flush lights are the way to go.

See below a few examples of our semi-flush ceiling lights. To view all our semi-flush fittings click here.

IDI64208 Semi Flush Fitting

In Summary

We hope that this blog has helped you discover a variety of flush ceiling to choose for your home!

Why not leave a comment telling us what flush ceiling light you like the best for your home.

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