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Easy Fit Shade Ideas

Easy Fit Shade Ideas

In need of inspiration for lighting, then look no further, here at Lighting R Us we have a broad range of easy fit shades to choose from providing you with endless ideas for easy fit shades.

What Are Easy Fit Shades?

Are looking to update your lighting decor, but you find that hiring an electrician is too much hassle? Then easy fit shades are for you. Otherwise described as non-electric lights, the easy fit shade is essentially a lamp shade. With no electrician required, they simply fit on to your existing ceiling lamp holders. There simply is not a more cost effective and faster way of improving your lighting layout, than to fit a stylish no-nelectric ceiling light.

How To Choose an Easy Fit Shade

Our range of easy fit shades come in every style to suit. So, transform your home with our traditional easy fit shades and modern non-electric ceiling lights. Choose from our acrylic crystal easy fit shades as well as tiffany ceiling lights. Whether you are looking for an easy fit shade for your bedroom and kitchen or non-electric light for your living room and dining room, we at Lighting R Us bring you the very best. Particularly from our favourite lighting brands such as Dar, Laura Ashley, Endon, and many more.

How To Fit an Easy Fit Shade?

  1. Turn off the light at the wall (or, for total safety, switch off the lighting circuit at the mains)
  2. Stand on a sturdy ladder.
  3. Unscrew (for screw cap) or turn and pull (for bayonet cap) the existing bulb – always anti-clockwise; place it somewhere safe.
  4. Unscrew the shade retaining ring, again.
  5. Fit the shade’s central hole over the lamp holder, then hold it up with one hand while screwing the retainer ring back on with the other hand (if you cross-thread it, simply unscrew slightly and try again)
  6. Refit the bulb.
  7. Step back down safely, turn the power back on, and there you have it, you have fitted your first easy fit shade!


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In Summary

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