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Crystal Lighting Ideas

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Nothing says class, style and glamour more than crystal lighting in the home. When you think of crystal lights, most people straight away think of radiant chandeliers. At Lighting R Us, crystal-styled lighting is much more than that. 

Dar Lighting

Our most popular brand for crystal lighting is based in Banbury, Dar Lighting is a leading retailer of modern, traditional and crystal lighting. Not to mention, accessories and LED bulbs.

Dar love creating creating exceptional, original lighting designs that add individuality, excitement, and ambience to any home, inside and out, big or small.

A popular choice from Dar Lighting products is the Daniella range, with a fabulous cascade of crystal beads set on delicate twisting chrome rods create a glittering ‘waterfall’ effect. This range would be a stunning feature in any room whether that be the living room or bedroom. Take a look below for inspiration for your home.

Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers add magnificence, thanks to their size, and are guaranteed to be a striking focal point in your home. Take a look at our extensive range below for crystal lighting ideas.

Crystal Wall Lights

The best lights to accompany crystal chandeliers are crystal wall lights, with the addition of both these crystal lights creating a glamorous and elegance feature in any room.

Crystal Table Lamps

Now if you are looking for a magnificent table lamp, then crystal table lamps are perfect for you. With shimmering crystals and bold silhouettes, crystal table lamps create a beautiful addition to any room.


Checkout our crystal lighting Pinterest board for further inspiration, by clicking here.

In Summary

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