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Choosing The Right Wall Light For You

Wall lights are the perfect accomplice to your ceiling lights and can complement them massively. By using wall lights properly,  you bring your entire room to life as all those dark corners begin to glow. Each room has specific lighting needs which we will explain throughout the article.


Use uplighters to add a soft mood lighting and ambience to your room. Uplighters are perfect for mood lighting as they shine the light up and around the room, creating a more forgiving and warmer lighting approach. Uplighters can be found through lamps and wall lights, as well as spotlights that you place in the ground.

Uplighter 1571-1AB
Uplighter - 1571-1AB


Downwards lighting is the perfect way to achieve the perfect accent lighting. As explained by the name, downwards lighting shine light downwards. Don’t be fooled by the word ‘downwards’, you can place them on the floor around your bath, your bath or around the wall to create the same lighting aesthetic as candles would. This way you can truly relax without worrying about knocking those candles over! Spotlights and recessed lighting can also be used for task lighting by placing them around your mirror or underneath the mirror cabinet, perfect for when you’re in a rush to get ready in the morning.

3470BK Downlight
Downlight - 3470BK

Picture Lights

A selection of wall lights, known as picture lights. Used especially for accent lighting, their purpose is to accentuate your favourite pictures, paintings, artwork, and decorative wall pieces. Wall art can really add character to a room and with picture lighting, your walls will definitely come to life. Consequently, you'll never want to turn the lights off! In this case, we have the perfect low-energy, LED picture lights for you.

We stock an exquisite collection of both modern and traditional picture lights and lights for using over mirrors. This selection includes all style types such as a slim, chunky, short or a longer length picture light. No matter what you're looking for, we at Lighting R Us have the perfect picture light solution for you. Additionally, we have an array of colours to choose from. For a contemporary setting, we have polished chrome, black chrome, satin chrome, and stainless steel picture lights. Since picture lighting is the most traditional way to highlight your favourite wall pieces, we ensure that we have the finest, traditional or period picture light to suit you. Therefore, we have colours including antique brass, polished brass, satin brass, bronze and gold.

Olney Picture Wall Light OLN6675
Olney Picture Wall Light - OLN6675

Bathroom Lighting

Adding wall lights in your bathroom will give you a great addition to achieve accent lighting. This way you have your ceiling light for the bathroom’s general use, but when you want to have a long soak in the bath after a long day, wall lights will create a mood lighting feel, allowing you to relax that little bit more.

1609CC-LED Bathroom Wall Light
Bathroom Wall Light - 1609CC

Bedroom Lighting

Fitting a wall light in your bedroom gives you that extra bit of light closer to your bed. Not only that, you don’t get the untidy wiring with a wall light, like you do with a lamp Wall lights don’t have to be a fixed structure; you can also get lights that swing around in front of you which are convenient for reading. This lets you be a little lazy too, so you don’t have to keep getting out of bed to turn the ceiling light on and off.

Bedroom Wall Light 1051-1CC
Bedroom Wall Light - 1051-1CC

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor wall lights are becoming a necessity when it comes to lighting up our gardens. Enjoy them while you dine al fresco, having a cosy evening or fancy a bit of hot tub fun. The outdoor wall lights also add extra security as well as being an easy and simple way of making your garden safer, when you have guests coming to and from your house when the nights draw in.

Farringdon Outdoor Wall Light
Farringdon Outdoor Wall Light - 1366001

At Lighting R Us we have wall lights to suit all styles, whether it be chandelier wall lights to put the cherry on top of your crystal look, the modern spotlights or the traditional candle sconce, we have enough variety to help find what you’re looking for.

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