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Black & Gold Lighting Ideas

Black & Gold Lighting Ideas

We start with some of our favourite black and gold lighting fixtures. Then we have listed a variety of black and gold lighting ideas for your inspiration.

Black & Gold Pendant Lights

Want to make a statement in your home, then add a black & gold pendant to the center of the room. This feature will complement the interior design and illuminate the space with a warm ambiance of light.

Black & Gold Flush and Semi Flush Mount Lights

Now flush mounts are the perfect addition to any room as they provide a coxy ambiance. Black & gold flush mounts will brighten up and decorate your space providing a touch of elegance even in small rooms with low ceilings.

Black & Gold Table Lamps

Table lamps are versatile therefore, they can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, nurseries, entrance halls and any other rooms. They can be easily turned on and off by a flick of a switch. If you want to add a bit of glam then choose from our selection of black & gold table lamps.

Black & Gold Floor Lamps

If you do not have much space for lighting, floor lamps are a great option. They don’t take up a lot of space plus they would be a great addition to a living room or even a bedroom by creating a cosy ambiance. There a so many styles when it comes to black & gold floor lamps, you will be spoilt for choice.


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In Summary

We hope this blog has provided you with inspiration for black & gold lighting ideas for your home. If this has been helpful for you, please take photos of your black & gold lights and tag us on Instagram @lightingrus_