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9 Different Types of Ceiling Lights

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Ceiling Lights come in all shapes and sizes as well as multiple styles, that is why we have produced this blog post to help you understand what ceiling light is right for you, when it comes to illuminating your room.

Whether you are looking to set the mood of the room or complement the interior, we can guarantee you will find a ceiling light suitable for your style. To find out the 9 different types of ceiling lights carry on reading.

1. Flush Fittings

Flush ceiling lights are the practical option for low ceilings, as they don’t necessarily hang. This is because flushes are fixed to the ceiling, as well as holding the ability to sometimes be wall mounted.

Furthermore, flush fittings light the room from ceiling level.As a result, the ceiling locates lots of little light sources within. This is seen as a contemporary approach to lighting, making flush ceiling lights very popular. Just because flushes are modern, don’t let that put you off if you prefer a classic touch to your home.

At Lighting R Us we also stock traditional flush ceiling lights, so you can definitely find one to suit your style and personality. When you discover all the decorative designs on offer, you will realise that the flush light is just as beautiful and just as detailed as a typical ceiling light. This makes them the perfect choice for any living room or bedroom. Or even any room with a low ceiling for that matter!

2. Semi-Flush Fittings

Semi-Flush lights are the an option for low ceilings, as they only hang to a certain height. An advantage of having a semi-flush light, is that the chore of changing the light bulb is quick and easy which everyone wants!

3. Recessed Lights

The most versatile of them all. Recessed lights are so unobtrusive and fit perfectly into your home with the right planning and layout.

Create a dramatic effect by placing spotlights anywhere. From your ceiling, walls, under your cabinets, along the skirting, on the floor, outside, on your drive, patio, decking, stairs, in shelves, cupboards, bookcases, the list is endless.

Furthermore, they’re very aesthetically pleasing and add a lot of depth, which can give your room a new lease of life. Don’t let this modern technology fool you though. These lights look more than fabulous in traditional homes.

4. Pendant Ceiling Lights

Pendants are an all-time classic, but are developing with age. Meaning that however, they look very snug even in the most contemporary of homes.

Pendant ceiling lights are currently very popular in kitchens right now. This is because they can focus task light on a certain place as well as offering a visual focus.

5. Chandeliers

Chandeliers are a real focal point. Hence why they are perfect in dining rooms and hallways, or any other room you wish to make a statement. If you want to add a touch of glamour to your home, then browse through the elegant fittings that we have to offer.

Likewise, discover our impressively chic and stately ceiling lights, from contemporary crystal to traditional classics. Allowing you to have the perfected styled chandelier for your home.

At Lighting R Us we have an outstanding range of chandelier fittings from the industry’s top lighting brands. Brands including Interiors 1900, Endon, and Dar. Not to mention, we stock the leading trends in the fashion of lighting. Allowing you to have a chandelier that is both glamorous and current. However, do not let our high-trend, current chandelier lights throw you off. This is because we also stock the forever-popular, traditional chandeliers too.

6. Spotlights

Both functional and attractive, spotlights are becoming increasingly popular in our homes. This is because they are unobtrusive but still look the part. Typically considered for a contemporary layout, they also work just as brilliantly in a traditional setting. The most smart, sleek, and modern lighting technology our homes have seen, spotlights are perfect for directional lighting. Used for ambience, task, and accent lighting. You can place spots just about anywhere in your home. Hence why they tick all the boxes when it comes to versatility. The choices really are endless at Lighting R Us!

7. Island Lights

Style them as a centrepiece over breakfast bars, kitchen islands and dining tables. Not to mention, we have pendant ceiling lights that will look perfect in traditional settings. Discover all styles from tiffany to contemporary, traditional, industrial and crystal pendants.

The ceiling pendants that we have to offer are sure to draw the eye of anyone who enters the room. And with ceiling lighting this unique, you’ll be looking for excuses to turn the light on.

8. Crystal Light Fittings

Nothing says class, style and glamour more than crystal lighting in the home. When you think of crystal lights, most people straight away think of radiant chandeliers found in homes of only the rich and famous.

At Lighting R Us, crystal styled lighting is much more than that. Anybody can have crystal lights in their home, no matter what size and style you have. Our crystal range comes in forms of chandeliers, pendants, table and floor lamps, flush fittings and more. Meaning there is something for everyone.

9. LED Fittings

LED lights may be costlier to begin with, but you could be saving up to 90% in the long run. As a result, you will be helping to protect your bank balance and the planet! With an average lifespan of 40,000 hours, LEDs walk all over halogen/incandescent bulbs; which have an average lifespan of 1,500 hours.

This is a truly significant difference. With LED lighting in high demand as energy saving fittings are now mainstream, we want to offer only the best. This is why we offer a wide range of LED fittings that truly test the boundaries of style and technology.

Allowing you to save money, while having sleek and upscale lights. Like we said, LED lights may cost a bit more, but with a £2.50 annual energy cost per bulb, as opposed to £20.00, it’s clearly the smarter, more efficient choice.

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