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54 Modern Bedroom Lighting Ideas

54 Modern Bedroom Lighting Ideas - Blog Header

Why Use Modern Lighting?

If you have a passion to beautify your bedroom, then why not say ‘Yes’ to a modern lighting style? There are several ideas to consider including chandeliers, pendant ceiling lights, wall lights and table lamps.        

Modern Bedroom Lighting

You can use almost any modern light fixture or modern lamp to light up your bedroom. Some popular options include modern semi-flush mount lights with matching pendant lights hanging either side of the bed to replace the traditional bedside lamps, modern centre light cascading over the bed creating a feature in the bedroom and many more modern lighting ideas.

It is important you have lighting that can be bright or dim. That way, you can set the mood regardless of the time of day, as you may need more light during the night-time compared to the day.

Modern Chandeliers

Glacier 18 Light Pendant
Modern Chandelier From Endon Lighting

These lights now feature sleek styles such as black and gold finishes with opal globe shades surrounding the bulb, which is becoming a very popular choice. Other options to consider for modern chandeliers, consist of an outburst of stems from the centre of the fixture to the end of a filament lamp, creating a statement chandelier for a modern bedroom.  

If you want modern bedroom lighting, simply use a modern chandelier, just match them with the existing décor of your bedroom and you’re done.  

Modern Pendant Ceiling Lights

90323 Modern Pendant Ceiling Lights
Modern Pendant Ceiling Lights From Endon Lighting

Maybe chandeliers are not for you, but don’t worry you can always opt for a pendant fitting. Modern pendant ceiling lights are a great addition to any bedroom. You can define the space without bringing an overwhelming effect, an example of this is hanging pendant lights either side of the bed.

Our most popular choice in modern bedroom lighting for pendants are LED fixtures, these create a sleek and elegant design that will blend in with your bedroom décor.  

Modern Flush Mounts and Semi-Flush Mount Lights

76501 Modern Semi-Flush Mount Bedroom Light
Modern Semi-Flush Mount From Endon Collection

Flush mounts are the perfect choice if you have low ceilings or a small bedroom as they can brighten up and decorate your space, they make is functional. These lights shine with elegance especially when paired with matching wall lights.

Modern Wall Lights

Astro AW20 1176009 Zeppo Reader Wall Light
Modern Wall Light From Astro Lighting

Reader wall lights are now a must in a modern bedroom, with the ability to manoeuvre the light to your preferred position. These light fittings are stylish and elegant are the perfection addition to any modern bedroom.

Modern Table Lamps

Endon Ratio 78024 Table Lamp 1 Light
Modern Table From Endon Lighting

Traditional table lamps can become very basic and dull with the fabric lampshade, however, if you are looking to add a modern style to your bedside lamps then you definitely need to opt for our most popular design, with a slender base and large opal shades you would be crazy not to consider this tasteful style.


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In Summary

When choosing modern bedroom lighting, there are a lot of options, styles, and prices. You want to focus on the colours and styles that will fit your bedroom best. Then you to choose different lighting to suit your tastes. We hope this blog has inspired you with modern bedroom lighting ideas.