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50 Task Lighting Ideas for Your Home Office

With many of us working from home, whether that be from your makeshift desk or if you are lucky enough from your home office or study, you need to make sure you have the right lighting setup. So here at Lighting R Us, we decided to provide you with the best 50 task lighting ideas that would be a great addition to any home office.

What is Task Lighting

First of all, task lighting is a type of lighting that allows individuals to carry out certain tasks in a particular room. For example, task lighting would be used in kitchens, bathrooms and most importantly in a home office. No matter how big or small your office and study space is, the light in the area needs to be evenly distributed. Adequate artificial light is required to decrease the risk of glare and eyestrain when staring at computer screens as well as reading and writing.

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Types of Task Lighting

There are usually two types of task lighting in a home office or study, one being a desk lamp and two being a desk light. The addition of these lights allows a direct light to illuminate onto your workspace and reduces the chance of shadows from your ceiling lights.

The useful thing about task lighting in your home office or study is when the light outside darkens normal room lighting becomes bright, while a softer focused task light on your desk can help provide focus and ease you into the evening.

Improve Your Home Office

Are you now ready to improve your home office or study? Of course, you are. Task lighting does not have to be too corporate; you can always add a splash of colour from our decorative desk lamp and ceiling pendant light ranges allowing you to show off your personality and character.


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In Summary

Task lighting plays a huge part within a home office. From the places you put them and the type you choose, they can be just what your office was missing. In addition, you can use them for night-time light and for reading. Complete the décor of your office with task lighting.