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4 Different Types of Outdoor Wall Lights

4 Different Types of Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lights are becoming a necessity when it comes to lighting up our gardens. Enjoy them while you dine al fresco, having a cosy evening or fancy a bit of hot tub fun. However, there are 4 different types of outdoor wall lights to choose from. Do not worry as we have explained each outdoor wall light in detail so that when it comes to choosing the perfect outdoor wall light for your outdoor space it will be effortless.

Outdoor Downlights

If you are wanting to illuminate a sign or even the number for your home, then outdoor downlights would be the perfect addition, as they provide sufficient amount of light to illuminate your outdoor space

Outdoor Up & Down Wall Lights

These have become popular, as the light illuminates the spaces above and below it. These have become a nice feature for either side of a front door, alongside a garden fence panel or even alongside a brick wall.

Outdoor Lanterns

Lanterns are a contemporary style, with large glass panes to display a decorative lamp they create a stunning feature for any outdoor space but are not too everyone taste. However, if outdoor lanterns are your style, then you have come to the right place. With numerous amounts of lights to choose from you are bound to find the perfect outdoor lantern for the exterior of your home.

Outdoor PIR Wall Lights

PIR lights are outdoor security lights with a Passive Infrared Sensor. These motion-activated lights are essential for keeping your home safe and secure from would-be intruders. As soon as movement is detected these lights come on, typically you would put them outside your house to monitor your front door, garage and back garden.Top of Form


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